eBook: Xhosa for Teachers


Authors: André Steenkamp, Sanet Cox and Xolani Mavela

ISBN: 978-0-63921-139-8

Xhosa for Teachers is a beginner’s book for adult learners learning isiXhosa in a classroom situation.

The content covers a variety of topics that are typical of any beginner course in a second or foreign language, although most of the topics have been adapted to suit the needs of non-mother tongue teachers and student teachers wanting to communicate with isiXhosa speaking learners in their class. The content is presented in such a way that learners can start using the language right from the start.

Xhosa for Teachers offers learners examples of conversations in a variety of communication settings, focusing on the school environment. Language Notes explain important structural aspects needed to progress in the language, while Culture Notes add depth and enrichment by helping learners to understand important cultural aspects. Each chapter also contains numerous activities that help learners to master the content easily.

A pronunciation guide and a list of commonly used words are also provided.

Future Managers textbooks are written according to the latest syllabi available. With case studies, examples, definitions and links to additional content, students will find it easy to use and excel in their studies!

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