N4 Entrepreneurship and Business Management with Free Workbook


Authors: P Bruwer, E Francis and D Plaatjies

ISBN: 978-1-77637-251-5

Entrepreneurship is all about ‘Starting your own Business’. The experience should be practical and the outcome very realistic. This book identifies all of the specific outcomes and assists students by providing practical activities to achieve success.

By using this courseware students will be able to ‘learn by doing’; conduct their own research; compile a portfolio of evidence and conduct self evaluations.

This book was revised to make the content more relevant for today’s students.  The upgrade includes new activities, up-to-date information and a new improved lay-out, while covering the 2022 syllabus.  This upgrade will definitely enhance the process of teaching and learning of this exciting subject.

Printed in full colour and accompanied by a FREE business plan workbook.

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