Someone I Love Died


Author: Heather Ferris

ISBN: 978-1-92020-421-1

When your father or mother dies it is hard to believe that you can go on with your life, but I found out that you can. It was all because of a support group for teens where I met others who had lost someone they love. Our group leader, Angel, helped us to heal. She listened and taught us to listen to each other (and ourselves) in a special way. We started to feel better and get on with our lives. By introducing you to my friends at Khululeka I think you can learn a lot that will help you to heal from your grief. I hope so!

Heather Ferris is a writer, counsellor, and trainer who specialises in supporting people affected by death and trauma. She has led many youth bereavement groups over the last 20 years. In Southern Africa she works with communities affected by HIV/AIDS and in Canada she teaches counselling (Grief and Culture and Diversity) at City University.

Corianna Heise is a photographer from Canada, who resides in South Africa. She works in a variety of photographic mediums including travel, portraiture, fine art and promotional photography, with publications in leading magazines. Corianna is a volunteer for the Drakenstein Hospice and works weekly with HIV/AIDS patients doing arts and crafts.

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