Sithanda isiXhosa Book 1


Authors: André Steenkamp, Sanet Cox and Lungiswa Limba

ISBN: 978-1-92020-401-3

Sithanda isiXhosa Book 1 was written for learners of Grades 2, 3 or 4 who are learning Xhosa as an additional language for the first time.

“Sithanda isiXhosa” means “we like Xhosa”. The book aims to introduce learners to the language through fun teaching activities that will develop learners’ speaking and listening skills. Provision is made for learners to write down what they have learned and the many activities will help learners to acquire a basic vocabulary.

In the Educators Guide published with Sithanda isiXhosa Book 1, (which can be purchased separately), the authors provide guidelines for the communicative approach to teaching a second additional language and on how the book can be used for each lesson. A4-sized pictures of the characters in the book are included for classroom presentation.

Sithanda isiXhosa Book 1 is also available in Afrikaans.

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