NCV2 Introduction to Policing Practices


Author: Louise Whyte

ISBN: 978-1-92067-107-5

This book has been both well researched and written. It covers much more than the bare bones of the curriculum and will offer both student and facilitator a comprehensive understanding of the subjects under discussion.

This title has been approved and recommended for the national catalogue by the DHET.

Two practical handbooks have been published by Cape Town educational and vocational publishers Future Managers for the NCV 2 curriculum – Materials and Plant & Equipment. Their author Herman Fourie, studied modern languages at Rhodes University and apart from teaching has mostly worked as a translator, interpreter, editor and writer. These books are not just about all the skills, tools and materials used in modern building practice, but also about the origins of the Universe, the world we live in, what it is made of and where all our building materials come from. There is interesting background information about the history and development of all the tools and materials – especially cement and concrete – that we use in our buildings. We also discuss other important issues like health, first aid and safety and how new space-age materials like plastics are being used today. I tried to make the books very practical without neglecting the legal requirements of vital aspects like the erection and use of scaffolding, the use of ladders and safety wear, as well as aspects like recycling and energy efficiency – all matters that are going to become extremely important in the near future.”

This title is available as an eBook and in print format.

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