NCV2 Office Practice


Author: I Serfontein

ISBN: 978-1-92013-343-6

No matter which career or work people finally choose, there will inevitably be administrative tasks that have to be attended to. This is what this course is all about  –  the basic and necessary skills, required in any work environment. It is essential that students, many of whom have never been exposed to a structured business environment, acquire these skills.

This text book is both lecturer and student friendly and strikes a balance between covering the outcomes extensively and content that is interesting and refreshing for students. Included are enough practical applications to reinforce concepts and limit boredom. Students should be stimulated by the content to explore resources outside the textbook. To this end, website addresses have been included. The practical exercises that require students to enter the world of real offices and/or businesses pose interesting challenges and should encourage them to move outside their known sphere. Guidelines for these ventures have been provided in the lecturer’s guide as directions in an unknown setting.

The textbook covers each outcome extensively with relevant examples, case studies, activities and graphics that fully explain and illustrate concepts to students. Tools incorporated in the textbook and lecturer’s guide have all been developed to support you in presenting a comprehensive and interesting course to your students.

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