Mechanical Technology Grade 10 Welding and Metalwork Learner Book


Author: Charles Goodwin
ISBN: 978-1-77581-463-4
Our Mechanical Technology Grade 10 series has been written by a team of Mechanical Technology specialists who are familiar with the needs of FET learners. Mechanical Technology Grade 10 covers all the Mechanical Technology Learning Topics and includes:
  • an introduction to each chapter to help you to understand what you should be able to demonstrate at the end of each learning experience
  • plenty of relevant and interesting diagrams and illustrations
  • individual, pair and group activities
  • engineering activities
  • Did you know? items of interest
  • a glossary of terms at the end of the book.
The authors of Mechanical Technology Grade 10, specialists in the fields of Welding and Metalworking, Motor Mechanics, and Fitting and Turning, are:
  • Charles Goodwin (Campus Head: False Bay College, Westlake Campus)
  • André Lategan (ex-Deputy Chief Education Specialist: Mechanical Engineering WCED, now retired)
  • Daniel Meyer (Deputy Campus Head: False Bay College, Westlake Campus)
This title is CAPS compliant and has been approved by the DBE.

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