eBook: Listening and Language Level 2


Author: Liesel van Niekerk

ISBN: 978-0-63921-037-7

The aim of the Listening and Language Home Programme Level 2 is to help parents develop auditory perceptual and language abilities in their children at home. The format of the programme follows a set pattern of questions (with model answers supplied) aimed at developing the following skills over a period of 28 weeks (Level 2):

(a) auditory perceptual skills (auditory sequential memory, discrimination, sound blending,  analysis and association);

(b) vocabulary;

(c) the ability to formulate sentences and the use of correct grammatical structures;

(d) to understand and use language concepts  e.g. categorisation, adjectives, concept of time, space and opposites; and

(e) to reason logically, exposing him to problem solving techniques and helping him to verbalise his thoughts.

This programme has been tried and tested with excellent results.

The Listening and Language Home Programme Level 2 covers topics e.g.:

  • The School
  • The Classroom
  • The City
  • The Shopping Mall
  • Occupations
  • The Supermarket
  • The Bicycle, Motor Car, Road safety and the Service station
  • The Railway Station
  • Animals
  • Weather, Seasons and Days of the Week
  • Good Manners
  • The Park
  • The Library, Post office
  • The Dentist
  • The Doctor
  • The Airport.

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