NQF1 Home-based Care POE


Author: L Whyte

ISBN: 978-1-92001-962-4

About the author:

Louise Whyte is the founder and principal of Positive Care Training. She was the first woman to train and qualify as an Operational Emergency Medical Orderly in the South African National Defence Force, Medical Services (1992). She also functioned as the Liaison and Training Officer for the Service Corps, Western Cape, SANDF (1996). As a Training Officer she facilitated training programmes for the EX-MK and Ex-APLA clients of the Service Corps. Louise has extensive Human Resources experience. She is involved in curriculum development and is a qualified Assessor/Mentor/Moderator and Caregiver.

Louise Whyte the managing member of PCT is the author of various books in the healthcare field and also develops learning material for other training providers and FET Colleges.

Unit Standards: 9827; 9823

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