NCV3 Early Childhood Development


Author: M Vermaak

ISBN: 978-1-92020-370-2

The level 3 textbook builds on from the topics covered in the level 2 textbook.

This textbook looks at the care and well-being of children with a special emphasis on the rights of children in our diverse society.  Various legislation in South Africa is dealt with as well as an overall explanation of the different stakeholders at work in this sector.

The textbook also focuses on the physical well-being of children by looking at different forms of abuse and neglect, nutrition, childhood diseases and safety.  The textbook also gives an overall view of the different types of family structures that exist in our modern society and how these family structures can impact on the care and well-being of children.

Under the topic dealing with health and hygiene, common childhood diseases are explained so that the ECD practitioner would be able to identify and know how to react to different illnesses.

Various issues relating to food and nutrition are covered including eating disorders and nutritional deficiency in children.  The book also touches on how culture, religion and poverty influence nutrition.  The topic covering safety gives practical tips on how to deal with emergency situations.

The textbook has plenty of useful activities and assignments to reinforce the learning content covered in the book.  Facilitators are also provided with all of the rubrics and templates needed to complete all of the activities as well as some guidelines on what is expected of the student in the completed activity.

About the author:

  • Been involved in education for the last 17 years.
  • Taught EDUCARE from N2 level as well as within occupational ECD programmes across all levels.
  • Written level 2 ECD textbook
  • National examiner for NCV Education and Development programme
  • One to implement the NCV Education and Development programme
  • Mother to a 6 year old
  • Former owner and principal of an ECD centre catering from ages 1 – 6
  • Programme manager at an FET college for all ECD related programmes

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