N4 Introductory Computer Practice Office 2016


Author: Petro de Villiers

ISBN: 978-0-63910-937-4

This book has been written by an author who understands not only the IT world but more importantly the students she is writing for.  This book uses a good integration of content as well as theory and plenty of practical exercises making it easy for student use.  The clear diagrams and the useful ‘take note’ tips in the margin help ease the understanding of the subject.  The appropriate language usage and the practical style of using step-by-step information allows the student to work through the exercises and learn the information at a steady and easy pace.  The comprehensive facilitator guide with additional exercises and the learner CD which guides the student through each section of the book are added bonuses!

Please note the accompanying CD is for the lecturer’s use and not for the student.  The CD contains memos for the lecturer as well as student files which need to be loaded on to the College’s computer network. For more information contact our office.

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